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BD Image Gallery

These mixers provide unique features to benefit customers with Extremely long life and serviceability. The modular construction gives users high quality, rugged components in a design that allows interchangeability between direct-drive, gear-drive, fixed-mount or portable-mount mixers.
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BDSS Image Gallery

Brawn's premium direct mixer leads the product series with design features that provide superior performance and long service life. This mixer is equipped with an all stainless steel motor and drive components.
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The BGM Series offers a compact, high capacity, helical gear reduction. The drive shaft is independently supported with two sealed, permanently lubricated bearings. NEMA C-Face motors from 1/2 to 4 HP are standard.
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(Closed Tank Models) Sealed tank applications are no problem for Brawn's BDF and BGMF models. In fact, Brawn utilizes the modular design concept here as well, in order to maximize the options while minimizing the cost.
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BGSS Image Gallery

The premium partner to the Brawn BDSS is the BGSS which exhibits the same superior performance characteristics, but with a high capacity, helical gear reducer. Read More

BTO Image Gallery

One of the work horses of the Brawn line, the BTO mixer is all helical gear reduction, providing both high torque and high efficiency. Read More

BWG Image Gallery

The BWG offers versatility in horsepower range and output speeds in compact,right angle mixer drive. It is also available with optional drywwell construction, with a wide range of mounting configurations.
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BGR Image Gallery

Description coming soon.

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LD/SD Image Gallery

The LD/SD Series includes both single-phase and three-phase 1/3 HP motor options. Air powered and variable speed models are available. They are designed to mix water like fluids in volumes up to 200 gallons or up to 75 gallons of 250 centiposie.
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LG/SG Image Gallery

The LG / SG Series are gear drive mixers designed for mixing water like fluids up to 500 gallons or up to 50 gallons of a 2000 centipoise material. Available in either single or three-phase AC electric or with air motors or DC variable speed motors.
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BTR Image Gallery

Description coming soon

Custom LIft Stand Image Gallery

Brawn Mixer Custom Lift Stands provide increased flexibility for your process solutions:

  • Ease of Process Changeover
  • Facilitate System Washdown and Cleaning
  • Portable Lift Designs Allow for Process Mobility
  • Safe Operator Handling of Mixing Equipment
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Impeller Image Gallery

New Impeller Brochure

Brawn designs, develops and manufactures our impellers to meet a broad range of application requirements.  We strive to select the optimum impeller design for process efficiency and cost effectiveness, but most important, your process results.
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