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Brawn designs, develops and manufactures our impellers to meet a broad range of application requirements.  We strive to select the optimum impeller design for process efficiency and cost effectiveness, but most important, your process results.

There is no ‘panacea impeller’ contrary to what some manufacturers would like you to believe.  Brawn will always be willing to recommend the best impeller for the application even if it means breaking with convention.

Hydrofoils:  Brawn produces a range of impellers that fall under the heading of 'Hydrofoil'.  Generally these impellers produce good performance in turbulent flow applications including fluid blending and solids suspension.  Hydrofoils 'pump' low viscosity fluids very efficiently, which is to say more fluid discharge at constant power levels than conventional pitched blade turbine style impellers.

Some of the newer hydrofoil designs have been developed specifically to perform well in laminar flow applications and even in high shear/mass transfer processes.  The number of blades, and tip chord angle can be varied to meet your process requirements.

Pitched Blade turbines and propellers:  Brawn has put new life into the old standard, PBT by experimenting with various pitch angles, blade width and other refinements.  The results have been tremendous.  Even the traditional PBT is a very good 'all purpose' impeller for a wide range of applications.  When conditions call for more flow or varying the energy input, we can simply adjust the angle or blade shape to achieve the optimum results.  All the time we retain the simple cost effectiveness of the basic PBT concept.

Propellers remain a low cost option for small batch processes and certain processes requiring more shear.

Specialty impellers:  Anchors, scrapers, and helix impellers are just a few of the specialized designs Brawn has employed for high viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids.

Regardless of your fluid process, Brawn has a solution.

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